Spring Weekend will be held on April 27th and 28th this year.


Apply to be on our branding team!

The Brown Concert Agency is seeking experienced graphic designers and web developers to be on our branding+web team! The team will work closely with the board to design our website, logos, posters, and t-shirts for Spring Weekend and other BCA events. Members of the team will receive free tickets (for them and a guest) to Spring Weekend. We look forward to collaborating with you!

  • No coding experience necessary. We are seeking designers as well as developers!
  • We are open to web development on a wide range of tools including (but not limited to) squarespace, bootstrap, wix, and wordpress.

If you are interested in applying, please send your portfolio, website, copies of your work, and/or information about your relevant experience to brownconcertagency@gmail.com by​ ​Sunday, November​ ​19​ ​(11/19)​.




REMINDER: Brown community members are allowed to purchase up to a total of three tickets each (one for themselves, and two for guests)If the shows do not sell out, the remaining tickets will be available for purchase at the doors by credit card only.

Tickets are non transferable and non refundable.


We’re living for the drama.

More tix on sale tonight at 6pm — these are for Brown community members who have not been able to secure a ticket yet. Guest tickets will be on sale TOMORROW if we are not sold out. Tickets are still not transferable.

Tickets available here at 6pm:



Rain Call Postponed

The rain call has been pushed back to 3:30pm today. Weather is really tricky, so we are pushing the rain call back to get a more accurate reading. Please stay tuned and think happy thoughts. We will update you about potential tickets during the rain call announcement (you will be given warning in advance).


The remainder of the tickets for the indoor capacity are on sale at this link:


REMINDER: Tickets are for current Brown community members – students, faculty and staff. You must be logged on to *your* Brown gmail account to purchase them. These tickets are: non-transferable, non-refundable, and limited to one ticket per student, per day.

Ticketing Blues

The ticket system is on a ~brief~ hiatus so bear with us for a few minutes…

we’re a stickler for the rules and if you bought more than 1 ticket per day of the festival in this round then we will have to refund you for those extra tickets