A group of brown students who love music.

Babette Thomas – Class of 2020 – Co-Chair


Born and raised in Oakland, Babette hella loves pretentiously throwing Bay Area slang into conversation (yadidimean?) and getting overly upset (read: violently punches people in the throat) when people assume she’s from L.A. Her favorite musical experience was swinging her braids at a Kamaiyah concert, while in the corner G-Eazy bitterly looked on at the dregs of his career.

Michael Mills – Class of 2020 – Co-Chair


A Chicagoan who won’t shut up about it, Michael Mills swears by Wilco, Kanye West, and deep dish pizza. When he isn’t playing pool in the campus center, he’s at a stranger’s house party doing anything he can to hi-jack the Aux chord. And if he gets it? All he wants to do is relive the time he saw Carly Rae Jepsen at Pitchfork.

Didier Lucceus – Class of 2020 


Didier-Didier Didier DidierDidier Didier Didier Didier Didier, your local wannabe hypebeast anime sadboi, can typically be found in his room watching anime by himself and probably looking for common projects on grailed. Didier Didier Didier Didier’s favorite artist is Lo Fi Anime Beats to study to, Didier-Didier Didier Didier Didier Didier Didier hopes to bring them to Spring Weekend 2020 to end his BCA career on a bang!

Isaac Kase – Class of 2020


Isaac is Boston-born, but without any of the local aggression — you can usually catch him in the Rock taking a nap or in Faunce taking a nap. When he wakes up, Isaac just wants to eat bagels and talk to you about Frank Ocean. He still dreams about the time he cried passionate tears at a Kamasi Washington concert.

Alex Westfall – Class of 2020


Alex hails from sunny Manila and will not shut up about Beach House or Lijadu Sisters. She’s usually hiding in her studio on the top floor of List or biking to class ten minutes late. Ask her about her friendship with Thomas Mars or how to sneak a camera into a show. A memorable music experience: Patti Smith performing Horses all the way through. Also, someone please teach her how to play the bass.

Stella Binion – Class of 2021


Stella hails from chicago, and as all young hip chicagoans, brings up her home town and it’s lit music scene far too often.  on any day, you can expect to see her writing poems on Andrews patio or sprinting across campus in primary colors, a small hat, and a large scarf. whenever she is sad she rewatches her videos of Br*ckhampton at Boston House of Blues.

Andy Rickert – Class of 2021


Andy Rickert is a softboy icon to his 49 twitter followers. He was once five feet away from Mac Demarco in a crowd and intentionally didn’t ask him for a picture or otherwise acknowledge his existence.

Tomi Madarikan – Class of 2021


Tomi is Nigerian. Tomi speaks four and a half languages. Tomi has lived in four continents and talks about it often. You will find her belting out her favourite songs as she makes her way down Thayer to the CIT, feeling sad when her friends make fun of how she says “wautah-bottle” and freestyling new tracks for her next EP with the rest of her musical collective : Kids with Curls (on Spotify, iTunes etc).

Sam Bailey – Class of 2021


Sam is a Russian baddie who grew up in Scarborough Maine! All he wants is to be on his suburban mom shit, listening to Rico Nasty as he power walks down the beach.

Joey Han – Class of 2022

Joey is just your friendly neighborhood dualie from Portland, Maine! Catch him watching whatever they happen to be playing on that TV in the corner of Soban. Favorite music memory: Being escorted away from stage by security while trying to get photos of Daniel Caesar’s guitar.

Lily Pickett – Class of 2022


Born to a Brit and a Mainer in the most irrelevant place of all, Albany NY, Lily likes operating under the illusion that she’s “from the city” and pretending the BBC is her culture. Fav music experience? jamming to her childhood bops at a lily allen concert + singing “hard out here” with a bunch of middle-aged women and 1 bald man.

Seth Israel – Class of 2022


Seth is from Boston but some people think he’s from California (?). He enjoys playing guitar and stalking his favorite musicians on the internet. His favorite (maybe weirdest) musical experience was chasing Michael Seyer through Cambridge to get an interview.

Kenney Nguyen – Class of 2022


Straight from the glamorous hills of Hollywood (Florida), beautiful, simply does not describe the incomparable force known to the world as Patti LaBelle Kenney Nguyen. Who has become synonymous with grace, style, elegance and class. Catch this London-Tipton-reincarnate strutting across campus in a ~*lewk*~ perpetually on the verge of a mental breakdown and clinging onto his last bit of sanity as he scrolls through Stan Twitter memes. Favorite music experience would be witnessing childhood idol Britney Spears almost getting attacked on stage in Las Vegas. ‘Cause tis Brittanica, female dog.

Adrianna Maxwell – Class of 2022


Adrianna, a 20 something year old Chicagoan who can never shut up about her city or Frank Ocean. Her best musical experience was going to the Tyler Creator Concert that she still hasn’t told her dad about. (oops)  You can find Adrianna chilling in the U-Fli Center or New Watson, on twitter laughing at memes and tiktoks instead of writing her papers.

Mara Cavallaro – Class of 2022

Mara would like to flex 😤 that she knows all the words to tyler the creator’s you’re a mean one, mr. grinch and that she got 2nd place in her fifth grade spelling bee. She also once sat next to sage the gemini on a plane :O Catch her napping in the greenhouse to pretend she’s in her hometown of Redwood City, CA, or dancing embarrassingly when Andrews plays bops !!

Ellie Barksdale- Class of 2023


When she’s not hosting wine nights or attending her 100th “free trial” 305 fitness class, you can catch Ellie doing puzzles, drinking tea, or exclaiming “shootie pie!” whenever something goes awry. While her petite stature and fiery red mane attract only the most slanderous insults, at her core she is just a white, LA, suburban cat mom (but don’t worry, she’s cultured because she took a gap year). When discussing music, Ellie may tell you that her favorite artists are Dr. Dog and the Grateful Dead, but a cursory glance at her Spotify history reveals that her listening centers chiefly around Carly Rae Jepsen.

Adi Thatai – Class of 2023


An Indian from the whitest part of America (Lexington, Massachusetts), Adi likes to start every morning by hitting the quan at precisely 8:15. His claim to fame is “discovering” 645AR, but listens to “Club Can’t Handle Me” more than anything else. Most of Adi’s time is spent napping to Frank Ocean with dreams of Alex Trebek dancing through his mind. (Bio sent with lasers)

Gala Prudent – Class of ???? 


Gala? Does she even go here? Catch her on a Peter Pan bus back to Brooklyn or at the CIT bright and early waiting for the latest Supreme Drop. She’s probably texting Earl Sweatshirt, Esperanza Spalding, or any of the other famous people she just happened to grow up next door to. Pastimes include crying for a straight hour at a Frank Ocean Concert or repeating Sahbabii lyrics ver-batim. Ayayayayayawooooo.


 Past Members:

Maya Blake, 2019, Co-Chair


Born in the city that is New York, Maya enjoys spending her free time writing (and struggling to write) witty bios about herself. Favorite moment in musical history: when she brought a young Beyoncé to life in a Destiny’s Child music video. She also likes jazz.

Vanina Morrison, 2019, Co-Chair

Photo on 3-14-16 at 8.11 PM #2

Straight outta Kingston town, Vanina enjoys riding tropical waves and dreams of her brighter days on the island. Fave musical experience: di tropical riddim vibez she experienced at her first Major Lazer concert.

Gio Santiago – Class of 2019


Born to some crazy Puerto Ricans, but raised in Chicago, Gio has seen it all! You can usually find Gio blasting salsa music, dreaming of a warm pink sunset, or reminiscing about his days as a Scuba diver.  Fav musical experience? Beach House. Beach House. Beach House at the Chicago Theatre.

Kidest Assefa McNeil- Class of 2019 


Kidest is an Ethiopian/Jamaican wannabe-Rihanna from Massachusetts who hates cats but loves Hello Kitty (clearly). She spends most of her time watching an unhealthy amount of Nardwuar interviews, exercising via detangling her hair, downing cups of Earl Grey tea, and listening to Moon River on repeat. Her least favorite musical experience was getting wine dumped on her at a Foo Fighters concert in 9th grade.

Allie Tsuchiya – Class of 2018, Co-Chair 2018

Wasteland copy

The year is 2055. Los Angeles is a wasteland. We found Allie sitting on the rubble of Capitol Records, fine Chianti in hand, clutching the charred remains of your favorite future popstar. She spoke… “Get out of my city.” The time machine was too strong. She’s adjusting to Providence these days. Boxed wine was a suitable replacement. See for yourself. Just ask. She’ll tell you a joke over the internet. We are no longer afraid. Kumbaya fearless leader.

Eric Song – Class of 2018 – Co-Chair 2018


Did someone just throw a hamburger into your window while you were driving east on LIE? If you answered yes, there’s a good chance it was Eric. Don’t fret. He’ll probably get you a free copy of the new Flying Lotus album at the release party. Did you really expect him to show up with a half-eaten burger anyway? Oh shoot! There goes the other half. This boy has got attitude.

Menaka Sachdev – Class of 2018


Whence she came, the seedy underworld of Bawwwwwwston, the Mother Teresa of Alt-rock. Menaka will sauté you a golden beet and spin Yankee Hotel Foxtrot into the early hours of the morning. You rise from a deep slumber. She makes a promise. “Everything will be okay my child. Just listen to the acoustic version.” She rides her vintage Cinelli into the rising sun, scarf blowing in the wind. Everything is going to be okay my child. Everything.

Lisa Francois – Class of 2018


Lisa was sent from New York in a blue suitcase covered in palm trees. You can find her slow grinding to alt-J or eating mac&cheese nowhere. Is this even her picture? Have a beautiful tomorrow.

Riley Ryan-Wood, Chair 2017


Riley splits her time between the land down under and the great nation of Texas. Her favourite music experience: getting down to the Stones in London with her mum.

Mark Benz, Class of 2016

Screen Shot 2013-02-05 at 10.48.52 PM

 Likes: to yolo. Dislikes: jabronis. Mark’s most profoundly beautiful musical experience, as he often recounts, occurred when at a séance, his shoulders were gently massaged by the spirit of Aaliyah.

Shane Potts – Class of Whatever


Sent to Earth from Mars to extinguish Marlboros on foreheads, Shane is finding his way. His interests include scowling, surfing space waves, and swinging clenched fists to hardcore. On a typical Saturday night, you can find Shane on the corner of Brook and Waterman listening to Liturgy with his eyes closed. The first time you talk to Shane, he’ll spit in your mouth and recite the Ten Commandments. Above, you can see him floating in the atmosphere.

Dylan Cole-Kink – Class of 2017


Hailing from The Berkshires of Western Mass, Dylan believed fairies and gnomes lived in his back yard until the age of 9. Most recent favorite musical experience was sober-dancing at a Brooklyn nightclub ’til 5am with his Dad.


Co-Chair 2016 – Michael Briskin, Class of 2016


Michael hails from the ATL and has a not-so-secret love for Norah Jones. Aside from playing his guitar and watching Forrest Gump, he enjoys bringing kickass music to Brown.

Co-Chair 2016 – Emily Maenner, Class of 2016

1395820_582569985136671_1454079874_nEmily loves pottery, the midwest, and celebrating frankie knuckles day (august 25th). The first concert she ever went to was Eric Clapton where she accidentally fell asleep; she’s been trying to apologize to him ever since.

Sebastian Clark, Class of 2016

sebastianThe English equivalent of Turkish delight. Musician He’d Most Like to Take to Dinner? A tossup between Rodriguez and Richard Simmons.

Brock Lownes, Class of 2017


This is Brock. He lives in Long Island. Praise Yeezus.

Booking Chair – Phillipe Roberts, Class of 2015

Phillipe Roberts is a rising junior. Although he’s yet to nail down a concentration, he’s absolutely psyched for another year of great student music, and can’t wait to give students more opportunities to get their music out there. His current favorite bands/acts are Grizzly Bear, Deerhunter, St. Vincent, Hot Chip, and Mount Eerie.

Administrative Chair – Caroline Seyler, Class of 2015

Caroline studies rocks and listens to music.  Her #1 show: LCD Soundsystem back at P4k ’10 ties with 4 counts of Real Estate.

Danny Sobor Class of 2015

Seen here covering up a recent tattoo at Firefly Music Festival because his mom doesn’t know about it yet. Best concert moment ever: crowd surfing at a Dan Deacon/What Cheer? Brigade Concert at Lollapalooza 2009.

Booking Chair 2014 – Micah Greenberg, Class of 2014

Micah is concentrating in Medieval Studies and loves adopting stray animals. She proudly knows every Ginuwine song by heart and her secret favorite musician is Jewel. Jesus take the wheel, indeed.

Administrative Chair 2014 – Cameron Johnson, Class of 2014

yung waffle

Cameron is a Business Economics major with an affinity for breakfast foods. He can generally be found asking “Where’s the bacon?” while listening to old Lil’ Wayne mixtapes.

Publicity Chair 2014 – Will Peterson, Class of 2014

Will is concentrating in Comparative Literature and loves to love you. A triple threat with freckles galore, Will says his favorite song is “Genesis” by Grimes but can be heard singing Anita Ward’s “Ring My Bell” at all hours of the day.

Booking Chair 2013 – Emma Ramadan, Class of 2013

Emma is originally from southern California, loves cats and hot tea, and is studying literary translation. Her best live show experience was seeing Man Man last summer in a bowling alley.

Administrative Chair 2013 – Rajan Mittal, Class of 2013

Rajan studies applied mathematics, and is from NorCal.  Ultra 2012 is the most insane music festival he’s been to, where he finally got to see all time favorites Pretty Lights and Kaskade perform.

Raillan Brooks, Class of 2013

Raillan is a man of many talents and a short attention span. His hobbies include: splashing about in vats of green curry, making montage music playlists, and emceeing clothing swaps (see above). When not writing his Urban Studies thesis, he’s booty-bumping to  Talking Heads or weeping hysterically to his Best of 90’s Alt Rock compilation album.

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