Taking Care During Spring Weekend

BCA, UCS, UFB, and many of the student groups who are hosting events over Spring Weekend wanted to send out some important Spring Weekend reminders.

Spring Weekend should be a good time for all – but it’s not a time when there are exceptions to our community standards.  We are a community; we care about each other. Take care of yourself and each other so that everyone can have a good time.


  • Stay with friends and look out for each other. Consider telling your friends when and where you’re going.

  • Consent and respect always apply.  Sexual energy and close quarters do not give anyone permission to neglect consent and respect.

  • Avoid pushing and shoving. Be aware of those around you and try to give them enough space. If you have the room, take a step back.

  • Stay hydrated. If you’re out in the sun or drinking alcohol, you’ll need more water. If you go to the concerts, remember to bring an empty water bottle to fill at the water stations.

  • Eat often. Food slows the absorption of alcohol and a meal or snack every 4 hours will keep your energy up, allowing you more time for fun.

  • Pace yourself. Too much, too fast may cause you to miss out.

  • Reach out at any time, we are here to help. Support Deans, DPS officers, EMS foot patrols, student event organizers, SAO staff, and your RPLs are available. Some important phone numbers are listed below

  • Keep your residence hall room door locked at all times and do not prop any doors open – always good security practices.


  • If you worry about someone’s physical state, injury, or intoxication Call EMS 401.863-4111

  • If you need medical advice for yourself or for a friend Call the nurses at Health Services 401.863-1330

  • If someone experiences sexual harm Call the Sexual Assault Response Line 401.863-6000

  • If someone experiences a mental health emergency Call the CAPS 24-hour crisis line 401.863-3476

  • If anyone is in danger Call DPS 401.863-4111 on campus Call 911 off campus

* All Health Services care is confidential, including EMS, Sexual Assault Response Line and CAPS.


CLICK HERE for a full listing of events and more information, including additional helpful phone numbers.

  • Carry your Brown ID at all times (many events require it).

  • Leave bags and containers at home (most events prohibit them).

  • Reentry is prohibited at the two major Spring Concerts and at many other events.

  • Empty, reusable plastic water bottles are allowed into all Spring Weekend events. Water stations will be available at both Spring Weekend concerts.

  • If you choose to drink, do so in moderation.  Intoxicated individuals will not be admitted to events.

  • Open containers of alcohol are not permitted in public.

  • Drinking apparatus and drinking games are prohibited on campus.

  • Smoking is not permitted inside buildings or within 35 feet of an entrance to a University building — meaning that smoking is prohibited at almost all Spring Weekend events.


Please show courtesy to community members and pick up after yourself.  Many trash and recycling bins will be dispersed across the green throughout Spring Weekend and we encourage students to dispose of all your trash appropriately. We encourage students to enjoy the weekend but that does not mean leaving a mess for others to clean up.


If you have any questions or need additional information specific to Spring Weekend, please don’t hesitate to contact the Student Activities Office at 401-863-2341 or via email at SAO@Brown.edu.


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Undergraduate Finance Board

Beta Omega Chi Fraternity Inc.

Black Student Union

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