Inclusion and Safety at Spring Weekend!

To all Spring Weekend attendees:

BCA’s goal is that everyone has a safe, enjoyable Spring Weekend and has the opportunity to see themselves represented — the goal being to engage the community in new forms of music.

Spring Weekend is an event in which thousands of members of the Brown community come together. In this space, we want everyone to enjoy themselves without impeding the enjoyment of others. We, the members of BCA, hold many diverse identities. We honor and value inclusion and safety and we are committed to reaffirming these values at Spring Weekend.

The Brown Concert Agency has worked hard and engaged in multiple initiatives to ensure that our Spring Weekend event upholds the values of our campus. Over the past two years we’ve been very intentional about which musical artists we choose to bring to this campus and prioritized using Spring Weekend as a platform to elevate artists of marginalized identities.

In addition, we’re working with the security staff to prioritize diversity, especially in locations where students may need help.

As you may remember from last year we have again partnered with Positive Change — a visual public health campaign explicitly committed to respecting consent and bodily autonomy, honoring the voices and experiences of survivors, and dismantling rape culture and all forms of oppression. BCA and Positive Change hope that all who wear or use the symbol agree to live up to these values.   In order for this campaign to be successful and maintain its integrity it requires a community of people who respect consent, listen to and believe survivors, and are committed to addressing rape culture in all forms. We hope individuals will keep this in mind while they are enjoying Spring Weekend.

Thanks to the amazing and hard work of BWell and the Positive Change campaign, there will also be a resource tent at the concert staffed by Student Support Deans from the Office of Student Support Services, where students can seek help and information if they feel unsafe, harassed or just uncomfortable in any way. The Positive Change campaign will also be staffing tables with student volunteers and distributing information about consent, respect, and bodily autonomy. We realize these are early steps of what is hopefully an extensive transformation, and we welcome suggestions.

Here is what you can do:

  • Stay with friends and look out for each other.  Consider telling your friends when and where you’re going.   
  • Acknowledge the people around you and look out for their safety. Don’t necessarily assume someone else is going to help.
  • Consent and respect always apply.  Sexual energy and close quarters do not give anyone permission to neglect consent and respect.  
    • Consider participating in Positive Change- wear a temporary tattoo or sticker and talk to your peers about what consent and respect mean to you! (Here’s the Facebook event for Positive Change during Spring Weekend:
  • Avoid pushing and shoving.  Be aware of those around you and try to give them enough space. If you have the room, take a step back.
  • If you feel uncomfortable, claustrophobic or unsafe for any reason and want to make your way out of the crowd, exit to the left or right where the crowd is usually less dense.
  • If you need assistance for any reason, look for any staff members or BCA board members who will be wearing lilac t-shirts.
  • Respect the wishes of those around you.
  • Be aware of the space you are taking up.
  • If you choose to use substances, know that intoxication does not excuse behavior that endangers other people.
  • Be mindful of what you sing, and how it may affect those around you. Consider your relationship to the lyrics that performers use. (Check out this article for more on this topic.)

We are beyond thrilled about this event that many members of the Brown community have worked so hard to produce. We look forward to sharing this safe and enjoyable space with you.

See you on the green,

The Brown Concert Agency