Upcoming Bystander Intervention Training with the Positive Change Campaign

Cosponsored by BWell Health Promotion in conjunction with the Positive Change Spring Weekend campaign, this Bystander Intervention training will focus on how individual students can make positive changes for themselves, their peers, and the community as a whole during Spring Weekend. Students will learn applicable skills for recognizing and addressing (potentially) problematic situations through an intersectional, Brown-specific model. Participants will have the opportunity to practice on-the-spot interventions techniques, along with follow-up conversations and how to direct a peer to resources. The training is open to students of any identity, background, or experience level. This training will take place on Sunday April 23rd from 10:00-1:00 in Kassar Fox and a brunch spread will be provided. Limited to 50 participants. Please RSVP!
Questions can be directed to Molly_Sandstrom@brown.edu