Introducing the Brown University Spring Weekend 2019 Lineup- a lineup so good, Pitchfork’s wig will quiver. Our 2019 lineup was created with the intention of bringing talented artists across a variety of genres. From electronic house with elements of hip hop, to British-rap and dancehall, and even indie rock’s favorite cowboy. Our goal was not only to give you a spring weekend that is genre-bending, and mind blowing, but, still aligns with our beliefs and shared values. We are proud to announce that all of our artists identify as people of color, and more than half identify as women. The energy this spring weekend will be sure to top all the rest.

Friday, April 26, 2019


Oh shit… it’s Kamaiyah! A Bay Area gem, Kamaiyah rose to fame with the release of her 2016 album A Good Night In The Ghetto, landing her a spot in the 2017 XXL Freshman class. Following in the tradition of West Coast rap, Kamaiyah’s music includes funky beats and skits as interludes. Most notable of all are Kamaiyah’s lyrics; centered in female empowerment, she talks about what it feels like to be rich, her bisexual adventures as a self-proclaimed freak as well as losing her best friend to cancer. She’s collaborated with the likes of Drake and YG. The first set of Spring Weekend 2019, Kamaiyah will without a doubt get it popping on Friday!


“i’m into it all” reads Yaeji’s Twitter bio, and as a DJ, producer, visual artist, and vocalist she truly does it all! Yaeji’s music effortlessly blends elements of house and hip hop to craft beats that are mellow but slap in the most satisfying way. As a nod to her Korean-American heritage, Yaeji sings in both Korean and English throughout her discography. Yaeji first caught our eye in 2017 after her Boiler Room set and remix of Drake’s “Passionfruit”. Since then, Yaeji has continuously released infectious tracks that you can’t help but put on repeat. Come prepared to groove Friday night as we all dance to Yaeji’s unique energy and style.


Oregon might be an unlikely home for a rapper, but Portland-based artist Aminé has quickly captured the hearts of millions of fans. On his breakout 2016 single, “Caroline,” Aminé defined himself as one of the most charismatic rising stars in hip-hop. Since then, his stardom has never faded. Aminé’s energetic flow and undeniably catchy hooks have created infectious hits, like “Spice Girl” and “REEL IT IN.” Aminé’s high-energy show is sure to end Friday night with a bang.


Saturday, April 27, 2019


Kari Faux, the L.A. singer, originally from Arkansas, has a deep hypnotic voice that will leave you in a trance. An artist with jazz like lyricism, in 2016, she began her ascent to fame when her 2014 song, No Small Talk, was included on HBO’s Insecure soundtrack. In the past couple years, with the release of a studio album and two EP’s, Kari Faux has shown that she has range like no other. Kari goes from instructing her audience to “make it bounce like Spalding” to leaving her the f*ck alone, in a recent EP titled CRY 4 HELP,  dedicated to her struggles with mental health. Kari’s music will take you on the smoothest of journeys through a full range of human feels. Get ready to witness one of contemporary music’s most captivating talents.


She’s our favorite cowboy, and should be yours too. Japanese-American artist Mitski Miyawaki can make you cry within just a few seconds of listening to her gut-wrenching lyrics. Mitski’s impressive career spans seven years and five projects, each album receiving more and more acclaim. However, it wasn’t until 2018 when Mitski received widespread attention for her ambitious, genre-expansive album Be The CowboyBe The Cowboy secured Mitski’s place among the greatest of our indie generation; reaching the top of several year-end publications including being named 2018’s Best Album by Pitchfork. When Mitski takes the stage Saturday afternoon, with her guitar in hand and freakishly good dance moves, everyone will be screaming along to Nobody, and Nobody, indeed, will be able to resist her magic.


With his heart-wrenching yet swooning confessions of love, you can’t help but wish that Daniel Caesar is singing to you. At only 22 his debut album Freudian became one of the most talked about in 2017, and without the support of a major label he received two 2018 Grammy nominations and won a 2019 Grammy for the song “Best Part.”  Packed with an all-female cast of features—Kali Uchis, Syd, H.E.R—that offers different sides to romantic interactions, you can’t help but happily go deep in your emotional bag with this album. Gleaning away from today’s R&B trends for a more timeless and sensual vibe, Daniel Caesar has definitely secured a spotlight in music’s mainstream as well as a place in our hearts.