Our Partnership with Positive Change at Brown

Hi folks! In case you missed the other big announcement at Whiskey on Tuesday night, we wanted to pass on some crucial info from the Positive Change campaign in regards to SW17.

Here are some FAQs

What is Positive Change at Brown?

The Positive Change campaign is a student led initiative focused on addressing violations of consent during Spring Weekend, and ultimately aims to create a happier, healthier, and safer campus for all students. Positive Change believes all students should be able to have a safe and enjoyable Spring Weekend experience regardless of gender, sexuality, race, ethnicity, age, class status, ability, or other aspects of identity. Additionally, the campaign aims to create space in the Spring Weekend experience for students who do not drink, use drugs, or participate in hook-up culture. Though positive change may be different for each individual student, Positive Change at Brown explicitly values consent, respect (for self, others, and shared space), and bodily autonomy.

What can students expect?

The campaign can be understood in three main parts:

  1. Additional information and resources shared primarily through social media and print materials in the weeks prior to Spring Weekend. Topics covered may include sexual assault report resources, setting expectations and personal boundaries, and active bystander tactics.
  2. Visual campaign before and during Spring Weekend. Students can expect to become familiar with the Positive Change symbol before the weekend in the form of stickers, shirts, and an awareness raising photo campaign. During Spring Weekend, temporary tattoos of the Positive Change will be available to all interested students to wear on their hands as a reminder, to themselves and others, of the values of respect and consent.
  3. Additional resources and presence of professional staff during Spring Weekend to address student concerns and connect students to applicable campus student resources. If enough interest is shown by students, active bystander trainings will be offered before Spring Weekend, to allow students to assist their peers in accessing additional resources.

How can you participate in Positive Change?

Anyone can participate by picking up a sticker or a temporary tattoo and making a commitment to positive change for yourself and your community. If you are interested in learning more about #positivechange or want to sign up for volunteering, training, or the photo campaign, please email positivechangebrown@gmail.com or Molly_Sandstrom@brown.edu.