Together, Prolific DJ/Producers Kyle Hall and FunkinEven are Funkinevil. While big-name festival EDM acts are taking the genre to the brink of collapse and Clubland, USA prepares for its collective comedown from a brief love affair with that European exchange-student that kind of looks like Miley, these guys are keeping the underground LIT. Hailing from Detroit and London, respectively, these frequent collaborators bring their own distinct brands of soul-infused house and techno music to artfully crafted DJ sets spanning the broad geography and history of underground dance music. Together, these two are sure to start off Spring Weekend with a super-danceable vibe that will last you till the sun comes up, and will leave your brain feeling oh-so chemically balanced.




A mixtape star just outta high school, Tink has been schooling us all with her R&B vibes and fresh hip-hop lyrics, from her remix of Aaliyah “One in a Million” (released as “Million”) to her commentary on the new-age millennial woman in “Ratchet Commandments”. Some of her previous collabs include Timbaland and last year’s Spring Weekend act, Kelela. With some inspiration from Notorious B.I.G, and a style compared to Lauryn Hill’s, Tink’s music is fuses genres, welcoming a new era in R&B. An Illinois native with roots deep in the Chicago drill music scene, she uses her hometown as the backdrop to present complex emotional issues around pressing social topics, such as the Black Lives Matter movement. With her new album ready to drop this year, y’all need to “Think Tink” when preparing to experience the Princess of R&B this year on the Green.


Fetty Wap

Based in New Jersey, Fetty Wap changed 2015’s hip-hop scene with his unforgettable sleeper hit, “Trap Queen,” which instantly jumped to the top of Billboard’s R&B/Hip-Hop Songs. Influenced by the likes of Southern artists like Gucci Mane (“Wap” comes from Gucci’s alias, GuWop), Fetty joined 300 Entertainment later that year, sharing a label with Young Thug and Migos. His next singles, “My Way” and “679”, were equally catchy and instantly became hits, joining the tracklist of his self-titled debut album. Fetty will be sure to have the whole crowd wildin’ and jumpin’, come this Spring Weekend. Let the Remy pour.




What Cheer? Brigade

BACK AT IT AGAIN WITH THE WHAT CHEER!! In this crazy topsy-turvy world, a little consistency never hurt anybody. Everyone’s favorite punk brass band is back for the fifth year running, ready to kick off your Saturday with all the good vibes, crazy costumes, and blaring horns you need to rally from your Fetty-induced coma the night before. Check them out here, providing the background music to one of their band members quitting his day job!




Stephen “Thundercat” Bruner is a bass player, producer, and song-writer who has been a driving force in the fusion of jazz, hip hop, neo-soul, and electronic music for the past decade. He is known for his solo work and for his creative collaborations with legendary artists like Kendrick Lamar, Herbie Hancock, and Erykah Badu. His genre-bending sound is amazingly unique, and reaches new levels during his live show. Coming off his most recent release “The Beyond / Where the Giants Roam”, a mind-blowing album co-produced with Flying Lotus, Thundercat is going to bring a one of a kind experience to the Main Green this Spring Weekend.




My un-hip mom once referred to her as “Tennis Shoe.” Mom, what? It’s like you don’t know that Tinashe is on a wave right now. Her most recent album, “Aquarius,” is a BANGER. Songs like “All Hands On Deck,” produced partially by Cashmere Cat, are bound to get you moving. Speaking of moving, you ever see her dance? Girl’s a double threat (maybe Tinashe can act too? Triple threat, damn.) Though she can rule the rave, she can also slow it down. Her songs “Bet,” featuring Dev Hynes, and “Aquarius” are perfect matches to a Saturday sunset. Keep an eye out for Tinashe’s album, Joyride, coming out later this year. And before you see her on the green, get yourselves—and your mothers—hip to the wave.  



Mac Demarco

Almost the same as when you took a huge hit of hash in high school and it sounded like that Chris Isaak track kept slowing down then speeding up again, Mac Demarco’s guitar-driven, whammy-heavy rock n’ roll is a positively sexyfreaky ride. Seeing acclaim with 2012’s release of 2, an album loved by Oregon grandmas and Vice editors alike, McBriare Samuel Lanyon Demarco has been riding on sunbeams and consistently good releases over the past four years. Cheeseburgers and cigarettes will be the vibe this Spring Weekend, and you’ll feel damn good. Expect Mac to channel the likes of John Lennon, Otis Redding, and Jerry Garcia. Pull your ass into those Lee’s and get yourself a pack of Viceroys, because we’re all just gonna be a herd of psychedelic toddlers.