So here’s what happened…

BSA’s server had an issue which resulted in some emails not being sent after tickets were purchased.  A lot of people bought a Friday and Saturday ticket but only saw Friday under “Print Tickets.”

By this point, if your transaction was processed successfully and you purchased tickets for Friday and/or Saturday, you should have received an email that included your ticket QR codes.  If you have not received your tickets in this email from BSA, email us at

Some people also experienced a time out, and were told they had reached their ticket maximum even though they hadn’t purchased any tickets. This is because there is a 15 minute hold once you enter the system and if your internet goes down during that time, or you refresh or hit the back button, you have to wait 15 minutes for your pending tickets to drop off.

For those of you who have not yet successfully purchased tickets, the ticketing link will go live again at 8:00 PM tonight.

There are approximately 500 tickets left each day.

A refresher on the ticketing time line

TONIGHT at 8:00 PM, the remaining tickets will go on sale.  Brown community members can buy 1 ticket each day.

ON WEDNESDAY, The rain call will be made at NOON.  If Spring Weekend is declared outside, at 2:00 PM an additional 2300 tickets per day will go on sale – our outdoor capacity.  Brown community members can buy 1 ticket each day if they did not buy tickets on Monday.  If Spring Weekend is declared inside, no more tickets will go on sale.

ON THURSDAY, beginning at 8:00 AM, and up until the day of the concerts, if tickets are not sold out, Brown community members can buy up to a total of 3 tickets each per show (1 for themselves + 2 for guests). This number is inclusive of any tickets that you bought on Monday or Wednesday.

If the shows do not sell out online, the remaining tickets will be available for purchase at the doors by credit/debit card only.

For more ticket information check here.