SW ’13 Outdoors, more tickets on sale at 2pm brownbsa.com/sw !

@ 2pm go to brownbsa.com/sw to lock down your tickets.

Limit is still only 1 ticket per concert per brown community member (i.e. if you’ve already bought one, you can’t buy another). To clarify, if you have already bought one Friday ticket but no Saturday ticket, you can buy one Saturday ticket starting at 2pm.

NOTE: do not use the “BACK” button or “REFRESH” button during credit card processing. you may be on a processing screen for several minutes; doing anything other than waiting could hinder your ability to successfully secure tickets.

Starting at 8am tomorrow (Thursday the 18th), additional guest tickets will open. Students will be able to purchase up to 3 tickets TOTAL (1 ticket for themselves and 2 guest tickets) starting tomorrow at 8am until tickets sell out. If tickets are still available, they will be available for purchase at the door by credit card only.