Oh and Hey, Welcome to Our New Site

From now on, instead of going through morning mail, Facebook, rumors, carrier pigeons, and Gail to receive news about anything BCA related, just come to this site! We’ll update regularly with Speakeasy audition dates, Spring Weekend lineups, news, and calls for your input. We encourage you to voice your opinion and give us suggestions throughout the course of the year, just please try to keep it PG-13. After years of doing this, most of us have developed some thick skin, but hey man, just don’t bring Mama Sobor into it.

She’s really sweet.

The BCA, a student-run organization, has brought musicians the likes of Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen, MGMT and, of course, Cam’Ron to Brown University since 1960. Along with booking acts for Brown’s annual Spring Weekend music festival, the concert agency books musicians for a Fall Concert and numerous Speakeasies, smaller concerts featuring student and local bands. We try to accommodate the diverse musical tastes of the Brown community while also addressing accessibility and price. Of course, we’d love to bring Jay-Z and the Red Hot Chili Peppers to Brown, but even one of these acts is far out of our annual budget.

Our budget:

cannot afford an artist on the cover of Forbes (not Warren Buffett):

We’re hoping to make this the best, most transparent, and most responsive board in the modern history of the Agency. Here’s to a fantastic musical year!